The subject-matter "THANATOS & EROS" has been and
continues to be, analyzed & illustrated mythologically,
psychologically, and of course, from other different
artistic and musical points of view. "EROS & THANATOS",
"Love & Death" with their contrasting natures, have
attracted and fascinated philosophers, theologians,
poets and artists.

SIGMUND FREUD, for example, theorized that the duality of
human nature emerged from two basic instincts:
Eros and Thanatos. He saw in Eros the instinct for life,
love and sexuality in its broadest sense, and in Thanatos,
the instinct of death and aggression.
Eros is the drive toward attraction and reproduction;
Thanatos toward repulsion and death. One leads to the
reproduction of the species, the other toward its own
This has been a source of inspiration for artists over the

The paintings of the German Passauer painter, Gyuràk Eva Schmidt,
inspired me to improvise and sing according to this theme "THANATOS & EROS"
4 classical songs suitably vocalistic with background music provided by the

These are the four songs:

No. 1 -   THANATOS oppresses EROS
No. 2 -        EROS averts THANATOS
No. 3 - EROS overcomes THANATOS
No. 4 -  EROS domineers THANATOS

After reading this introduction you may find it easier to
listen to the musical interpretation of this subject.
But admittedly this first of the four songs has a rather
depressive and eerie feel to it. This is because here
THANATOS is oppressing EROS...

Now you can both see and listen to these "mythological gods":
Painting in oil